Jin Kazama (風間 陣) is a freshman in Seiseki High School, like Tsukushi, he also plays as a forward. Unlike Tsukushi, though, Jin is considered a genius soccer player, tall, good-looking, eccentric, and incredibly popular and extroverted. He also appears aloof and somewhat unmotivated before meeting Tsukushi. He is also a devoted fan of Bruce Lee. Whenever Tsukushi is in need of a handkerchief, Jin often gives him a pair of female panties to use. His random encounter with Tsukushi rekindles his passion for soccer.


Jin has shoulder length blonde hair and light brown eyes. He is considered to have very attractive features, which his girl classmates point out whenever they see him. He dresses up quite flashy and always stands out. Outside of his Seiseki High School training gear, the black football uniform, and the school's uniform, he isn't seen wearing shoes. Instead, he opts out to where slippers or flip flops. He also has lean muscles because he has been playing soccer since he was a kid. 

Jin Kazama Character Design


Jin is a kind person however he doesn't go out of his way to point out other's mistakes. As a natural genius in the sport of soccer, he has never been required to work hard in his life. He doesn't have an arrogant attitude despite this and he makes a lot of friends. He isn't afraid to talk back to the upperclassmen of Seiseki or the older players that he plays futsal regularly with. 

His genius capabilities don't stop at just soccer. He exceeds in academics as well, easily making him the smartest among the first years in the soccer club. He has immense faith in his abilities and is usually mistaken for an adult instead of his age. In the manga, he says that he is homeless which probably explains his dishevelled look whenever he is in his school uniform. 


  • Speed : Jin is incredibly fast and can easily do a 100-meter shuttle run without getting out of breath. He doesn't even run at full speed in most matches, only increasing his speed when the opponent is good enough. 
  • Intellect : He is very quick to examine his opponents play and pose a counterattack against them. Things like, immense strength, he makes up for by thinking of what his opponents next move would be.
  • Overall abilities : Jin is above all a better than the average player. He can easily surpass all of the first years and majority of the second and some of the third years but even he himself admits that he does not know how far his abilities can go.